Dental Implants have become the most desired oral health procedure restoring your teeth, bite, visual appeal and overall health. The longevity of Dental Implants is second to none considering Dental Implants are permanently mounted in your bone and always function and look the best. You’ll forget you ever had oral health issues. The Best Dental […]

Please call Dr. Cameron Torabi and the team at West LA Implants at 310-948-7420 if you are looking for dental implants in the Los Angeles area. West LA Implant dentistry benefits from a high success rate. It is a long lasting solution with dental implants being as strong as your natural teeth. We look forward […]

Patients that have lost a tooth, have cracked or damaged teeth, will benefit from working with an Implant Dentist. Dr. Torabi creates Smile Makeovers by implanting beautiful and natural looking synthetic teeth in place of damaged or missing ones. This is a more complicated dental procedure, making it important to work with an expert. A […]