Dr. Torabi, of West LA Implants, sits on the board of directors of The World Academy of Ultrasonic Piezo Bone Surgery. Piezosurgery is a technological advanced system that uses controlled three-dimensional ultrasonic microvibrations in osseous surgery. The ultrasonic microvibrations of Piezosurgery device is developed to cut through the bone tissue without damaging the soft tissue. The traditional procedure of bone-cutting using drills and burs, result in damaged tissue and bone loss. Piezosurgery micrometric cutting abilities provide ultimate surgical precision and intra-operative sensitivity. Bone grafting can be done with relative ease. Teeth extraction in preparation for implant placement can be performed with maximum preservation of the socket. Sinus grafting can be done with minimal risk of sinus perforation, which allows for reduction in post-operative complications. Periodontally accelerated orthodontics is another procedure where small vertical bone incisions are made between the teeth, which allows quicker orthodontic movement Dr. Torabi can use this method to perform procedures like tooth extraction, crown lengthing, ridge expansion, periodontal therapy, and implant site preparation with more accuracy and minimal discomfort.

The Piezosurgery system is so accurate and precise the risk of cutting and damaging precious tissue around the surgical site is eliminated. In traditional surgery method you are always at risk of cutting the soft tissue around the hard tissue including nerves sinus membrane and arteries. The accuracy of the Piezeosurgery is revolutionary. Drills and burs used in traditional surgery can leave a great deal of trauma. You will experience less swelling, bleeding and reduced pain. Healing time is also much more minimal than traditional surgery. Pieziosurgery technology accelerates your healing time and you will experience minimal post-operative pain or discomfort.

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